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The goal of the localization process is to transfer an international software product into a comprehensible and fully functional local version of the product supporting, for instance, the Czech user’s environment. The result of a well-managed localization project benefits the client and his customers in providing a comprehensible environment for successful sales and business operations. The complexity of the localization project depends on the set of conditions and parameters that have to be taken into account:

  • Functional source product
  • Original language support for the software (Help,On-line help etc.)
  • On-hand documentation

The localization process is based on the character of the respective product:

  • Introduction of terminology respecting valid Czech standards
  • Creation of a special translation memory for product updates
  • In-process and final proofing of text consistency
  • Quality assurance and product testing
  • Localization software support (creation of internal tools)

Safeguarding the client’s information and protection of privity of the information committed to us by the client is our priority and obligation, and in our work we follow strict rules in order to protect the safety of the client’s information. We are liable to our clients for the trust vested in our company. Here then, we promise to our individual clients and prospects that we shall keep in strict confidence all information forwarded to us in all forms (printed, electronical, etc.) by a client or prospect.

Prices are agreed upon with the client accordingly to the project scope.